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Requested GitLab permissions

When you install GitLive on a GitLab group or personal account we request permission to the following resources

Authenticate using OpenID Connect

This allows us to identify the group or personal account you wish to install GitLive on.

Access the authenticated user's API

We use this to ensure only teammates that have access to a repository on GitLab are able to view another teammate's working copy of that repository. See Access Control in the section below for more on how this works.

Access control

To ensure all users can only access the relevant data, we maintain strict access control. Users can only see a fellow teammate’s data for the repositories they share access to. In addition, users with only read access to a repository are not visible to their fellow teammates.

Access is synchronized with your GitLab member privileges; removing a member's access to a repository or group on GitLab removes their access on GitLive.

Deleting your data

To completely remove all data we hold about your team, including repository and working copy data, simply revoke GitLive's access under "Authorized application" within your GitLab group or personal account.

Individual users' data may persist if they also belong to other groups, otherwise they can delete this data by revoking GitLive's authorization on their personal GitLab accounts.

To learn more about how we collect and process your data, you can also read our Privacy Policy