How we protect your data

We understand trusting a service with your data can sometimes be daunting, especially valuable intellectual property such as your code. Being developers ourselves who use our own product on a daily basis, we have made sure GitLive accesses and stores your data sensibly.

One of our core values is only storing data for as long as you need it; the nature of a realtime service such as GitLive is that the majority of the data we process is transitory - a teammate's working copy changes, the issue they are working on, team discussions, etc.

GitLive only holds this data whilst you are working on it, we don't archive it in our database - it already has a home for permanent storage on your existing services.

Requested permissions

Learn more about the permissions we request when you install GitLive on your repository hosting service

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To learn more about how we collect and process your data, you can also read our Privacy Policy